Worried about Corona

My advice

Keep hydrated.

Keep your personal cleanliness at a high level.

Keep cheerful.

First things first.

Be there for yourself.

Be there for your friends and family.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables when possible.

Eat the rainbow. Food of different colours (natural)

Sing when you get the chance.

Practise Yoga.

Spend time in Nature when you can.

Be informed.


Eat food which contains Vitamin C.

Be kind.

I am not a Doctor I am a Fortune Teller so read other advice!

And above all *♡Fucking Laugh🔮* This is one of the best Spiritual Defences God has given you.

Use your Sense of Humour.

Love & Light

Miranda of Margate

Fortune Teller

An Estrella Event at Birchington Village Hall

Reading in Birchington today at Estrella Event

Looking forward to doing Readings at the lovely Village Hall in Birchington today behind the Library.

Entrance Fee £2

I shall be doing £10 Readings. This is a real bargain because it means you will get the equivalent of a £25 Half Hour Reading from me for just £12 and there are other terrific Readers, Massage Therapists and Craft Stalls attending. Its a spacious place and I have some good hand gel. The Loos and Amenities are First Class and it should be easy to park nearby for Free. There is also a proper Car Park across the Road. 😇🔮🍀🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

A few days without Rain (Poem)

By Miranda Jane Dunn

” Sustainability – the art of having enough to get by”,
Explains Fred
“Can be understood through Lime Blossom”.
If there are days without rain
The Lime flowers will blossom
The trees will burst into flower
The Bees will gather Lime pollen.
The Bees will gather Lime nectar,
The cells of the hive will fill up
And abundance will flow…
All that it takes for the survival of the hive
Is a few days without rain.

Some days of sunshine…
Days of sunshine at the right time.

All it takes for our world to thrive
Is lime blossom blooming…
In Canterbury…
At the right time…

Coping with grief and pain…

Pain is a mordant to memory. It fixes precious memories and lessons into our minds. It fixes events into our souls. Fortune Tellers like Miranda are full of ‘home truths’; so here are a few ideas for you if you are recently bereaved or you are living a daily routine; whilst someone dear to you is fighting a disease or coping with the process of dying.

It is not an alternative to the support of your family, your own priest or pastor; and your friends – remember to keep them close; and keep on reaching out to them.

If you face a daily schedule of dealing with this kind of emotional pain there is a special memory jogger to help you: HALT

Hungry* That moment when you have forgotten to eat in your desire to get through a “to do list”. Low blood sugar moments when your body needs food for fuel. Good food.

Angry* That moment you are about to burst with indignstion when a mindless stranger pushes past you at the check out or ignores your polite request.

Lonely* That moment you feel you have the world in your shoulders and you havent spoken to anyone who will listen for days

Tired* You have been pushing yourself to the extent you feel your eyes glaze over like Garfield the Cartoon cat.

They spell HALT meaning stop. If you have more than one of these physical warnings while you are being a carer for someone you love it is time you called in some help and administered some self care. Have a snack or more importantly a proper meal. Do it for yourself.

When my Grandfather Gordon was dying; it was a long death and took several weeks in a wonderful hospice in Cheltenham; my Grandmother took time to go to the Supermarket and get some of his favourite chocolste mousse. Not for Gordon as he was past eating but for me and her. We didnt eat it in front of him; but that chocolate mousse gave us the strength to be cheerful and loving when all we could do for him was moisten his lips and help him rinse out hid mouth when he could no longer swallow. It helped us to have the strength to surround him with love when we felt close to defeat.

Take a walk or stop and look at nature..a flower..

When you feel angry go and make a bed. Give the pillows a good thumping. Ask Archangel Michael to give you some strength. Talk to friends you trust. Pick up the phone. Go gor a walk in nature. Pray. Talk to God.

When you feel alone talk. Talk to the people in your locsl shop. Ring your children. Visit a friend. See your Pastor. Go to Church and stay for Coffee.

When you are tired ask for help. Get someone else to take over and get that sleep.

Remember also to keep tslking to those who have passed over. They are there for you too. And if you talk to them the signs will ce back to you.

No one is alone..in this World ..or the next…

Miranda of Margate

Self Knowledge & the Runes

There is something earthy about the Runes and of course this is natural. The Runes are after all a ‘tree’alphabet. It is natural for them to ‘earth’ you. Ralph Blum explains:

“The Runes and their symbols were employed by warriors bent on conquest. It is my hope that in their contemporary use, the Runes will serve the Spiritual Warrior,the one whose goal is self-transformation. The sacred Hindu text Bhagavad Gita chapter 6, verse 5, says it succinctly:

Lift up the self by the Self

And don’t let the self droop down,

For the Self is the self’s only friend

And the self is the Self’s only foe.”

Ralph Blum – The Book of Runes