Worried about Corona

My advice Keep hydrated. Keep your personal cleanliness at a high level. Keep cheerful. First things first. Be there for yourself. Be there for your friends and family. Drink plenty of water. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables when possible. Eat the rainbow. Food of different colours (natural) Sing when you get the chance. Practise Yoga.Continue reading “Worried about Corona”

An Estrella Event at Birchington Village Hall

Reading in Birchington today at Estrella Event Looking forward to doing Readings at the lovely Village Hall in Birchington today behind the Library. Entrance Fee £2 I shall be doing £10 Readings. This is a real bargain because it means you will get the equivalent of a £25 Half Hour Reading from me for justContinue reading “An Estrella Event at Birchington Village Hall”

A few days without Rain (Poem)

By Miranda Jane Dunn ” Sustainability – the art of having enough to get by”,Explains Fred“Can be understood through Lime Blossom”.If there are days without rainThe Lime flowers will blossomThe trees will burst into flowerThe Bees will gather Lime pollen.The Bees will gather Lime nectar,The cells of the hive will fill upAnd abundance will flow…AllContinue reading “A few days without Rain (Poem)”