Don’t abandon an author or a philosopher because they are not in Fashion by Miranda

Fashion changes but the allure and comfort of clothing our bodies in good wool or cool cotton or luxurious silk or flexible combinations of artificial materials remains. The same is true of fashions effects upon our diet. The current fashion for vegan food does not stop our bodies needing good quality protein; vitamins and fats and carbohydrates and minerals. And the same is true of fashions effect on the digestion of philosophy and books. Recently someone whose opinion I value; stated that whilst she valued the message ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway” She never got round to reading the book; before abandoning it and all her library of self help books.

Books by authors like Laura Ingalls Wilder have all but disappeared from our bookshelves because on a few occasions Laura expressed a cultural prejudice of her time. We do ourselves an injury and throw away useful information when we decide to throw the baby out with the bathwater; and abandon a useful book or author because of a few ‘cracks’ in their perspective. Susan Jeffers Book – “Feel the Fear and do it anyway.” Contains far too valuable a message to be abandoned because it doesn’t fit the ethos of the rest of your library.

Published by Macalevy Magic

Fortune Teller and Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and Life Style Guru, lives in Margate.

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