Imbolc 2023

There is no doubt that the Earth is awakening in Margate. The sap is starting to rise in the Silver Birch trees. The birds are singing and being attentive to their mates. Around my home I can see Parokeets being attentive to one another.

On a walk around Margate Crematorium; I saw that the first violets are in bloom. Some Primroses and Daffodils are already in flower; and dandelions are pushing to the surface in smart green rosettes. The Hazel catkins and their little male partners the tiny scarlet flowers clinging closely to the shiny grey brown bark are blooming and swinging in the breeze. The sunshine is still white but the Squirrels are moving a little faster.

This is a time to dream your wishes for this year into being. So get out for a walk sit where you can hear the blue tits snd the long tailed tits singing sweetly; and dream you hopes for this beautiful year.

Miranda listening to Bird Song.
Anenomes flowering in Margate Cemetary.

Don’t abandon an author or a philosopher because they are not in Fashion by Miranda

Fashion changes but the allure and comfort of clothing our bodies in good wool or cool cotton or luxurious silk or flexible combinations of artificial materials remains. The same is true of fashions effects upon our diet. The current fashion for vegan food does not stop our bodies needing good quality protein; vitamins and fats and carbohydrates and minerals. And the same is true of fashions effect on the digestion of philosophy and books. Recently someone whose opinion I value; stated that whilst she valued the message ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway” She never got round to reading the book; before abandoning it and all her library of self help books.

Books by authors like Laura Ingalls Wilder have all but disappeared from our bookshelves because on a few occasions Laura expressed a cultural prejudice of her time. We do ourselves an injury and throw away useful information when we decide to throw the baby out with the bathwater; and abandon a useful book or author because of a few ‘cracks’ in their perspective. Susan Jeffers Book – “Feel the Fear and do it anyway.” Contains far too valuable a message to be abandoned because it doesn’t fit the ethos of the rest of your library.

Tarot Reading for 30th August 2021

In a world where my phone suggests when I go to bed…I am picking you The Star.

The Star is about a Fresh Start…a New Page…You have just turned it!

Your Life starts again today…fresh and renewed. You have the energy to see what you want in your life! You know the areas you want to polish. Light is shining in through your windows so move anything old that is stopping the light going where it needs to. Embrace your talents…embrace your sexuality…embrace your Va Va Voom.

Now is the time to let your light shine. Now is the time to reinvent yourself in the mode; which is going to take you into this Autumn taking care of You.

Do you need to strengthen your Boundaries?

Say No to people who drain your energy. Let go of pursuits which do not feed your Soul? Concentrate on the things; which make you positive.

Look after your loved ones,when necessary, but do not carry the dead weights…those who never give back.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables and connect with friend who nurture you.

Now is the time to harvest the fruit and vegetables to get you through the tough times ahead…so choose carefully what you store. Choose what you have Space for!

Miranda of Margate – Fortune Teller