A few days without Rain (Poem)

By Miranda Jane Dunn

” Sustainability – the art of having enough to get by”,
Explains Fred
“Can be understood through Lime Blossom”.
If there are days without rain
The Lime flowers will blossom
The trees will burst into flower
The Bees will gather Lime pollen.
The Bees will gather Lime nectar,
The cells of the hive will fill up
And abundance will flow…
All that it takes for the survival of the hive
Is a few days without rain.

Some days of sunshine…
Days of sunshine at the right time.

All it takes for our world to thrive
Is lime blossom blooming…
In Canterbury…
At the right time…

Published by Macalevy Magic

Fortune Teller and Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and Life Style Guru, lives in Margate.

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