Palmistry is an ancient art practiced in China, India, Greece, Africa; and around the World. Cheiro, a great Victorian Palmist states: “The Hindu Vedas are the oldest scriptures that have been found, and according to some authorities they have been the foundation of even the Greek Schools of learning.” (Page 2 Chapter 1 A defence of Palmistry – Cheiro’s “Language of the hand”)

Miranda started studying Cheiro’s “The Language of the Hand” from age 13. 13 being a Magical Number for beginning Study in some cultures.

This is because of the link between the number 13 and the Divine Feminine. There are 13 Moons in a Year; and 13 being the usual number of times a Woman menstruates in a year. Most women will find that their periods tie in with the cycle of the Moon.

Cheiro claims to have studied Palmistry from Holy Books; guarded by the Brahmans. He claimed he studied from books; written in red ink on human skin.

In the Summer of 1975 when Miranda commenced her serious study of Palmistry her copy of Cheiro’s Language of the hand was £2.50 and written on paper! Miranda inherited original Books written by Cheiro on Fortune Telling from her Cousin Suzanne Clarke; when she was in her 30s.

In 2020, Miranda has 44 years experience of studying her clients hands and studying Palmistry.

Much of Miranda’s gift comes like that of Cheiro from her gift of Clairvoyance; which is opened as she holds or gazes at her Client’s Palms; but her study of the meanings of the lines, and their angles, and the shape of hands; and their characteristics; is also invaluable.

It is the nature of touching and holding my client’s hands; which allows me to connect to Spirit. It is Spirit which channels through me; which sometimes allows me to make specific predictions; which sometimes give me very clear insights or visions about the client’s life. This skill can be developed; but it is not learnt from books or even study; and it is not something which I am necessarily in control of.

Therefore the practical study of the shapes of the hand; and these lines influence upon the client’s life, is my practical study, and the main substance of my Readings.” Miranda

Palmistry is also based on a knowledge of the Stars and the Planets; and their influence upon people; and the work which Miranda did with 4th Way Teacher Mervyn Brady has tied in with her study of the Chakras; with Teachers like Paul Lambillion; to give her extra insight into the nature of personality and essence. Miranda continues to study the teachings of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff; and uses them in her work.

Palmistry is a wonderful art form because it enables the Practitioner to help their clients understand themselves; and their motivations. I try to teach my clients to have faith in their own natures; but to allow their understanding of their natures to motivate them to persevere and pursue their dreams with faith.” Miranda

Palmistry is a form of entertainment. It should be fun. In a sense having a Palm Reading with me is an opportunity for you to look at how to motivate yourself to use the talents you have, most effectively. I enjoy helping my Clients to become more themselves and more successful.” Miranda

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