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Miranda is a Macalevy. The Macalevys are an Irish Family who travel and travelled the Planet for Generations practising Fortune Telling and Magic; and living from their talents and their wit. In the 10th Century two famous Macalevys: Cormac and Cromach Macalevy, were the Chief Magicians at the Court of Ulster, under the Rule of the O’Neales – the legendary Kings of Ulster.

Miranda with her younger brother Luke and her Cousin Lulu and Lulu’s Pony in a Dog Cart in Wiltshire.

There are books of Spells and Scientific Studies by Cormac and Cromach Macalevy in the British Library.

Dr Joseph Macalevy was a travelling Doctor who fought in Napoleon’s Army. He was Miranda’s Grand Mother’s Grand Father. His Sister Madeleine Macalevy travelled Europe at the same time escaping from the perils of the Russian Revolution.

Miranda’s Great Grandmother had the Sight. She refused a First Class Ticket on the Titanic as a Honey Moon Gift. Miranda’s Grand Mother’s Brother Esmond Sowter was a renowned Fortune Teller in Norfolk.

Esmond Sowter was a Seer and taught Meditation and Divination at a time when very few men did. Esmond Sowter took Miranda to Glastonbury, when she was young, and encouraged her to develop her psychic gifts. Esmond Sowter died at 98. He was born before his time- being one of the first very dedicated Vegans and a teacher and Western exponents of Meditation.

Geraldine Sowter (left) – Miranda’s maternal grandmother and Lawrence Hill (right) Her maternal grandfather.

Miranda grew up in Kent and learned to Read Palms when she was 13. Miranda grew up in a family where Story Telling and Reading Tealeaves (Tasseomancy) were daily practices. Miranda knew from very early in her life; that she was Clairvoyant – Gifted with the Sight. Miranda is also a Dunn; and her Grandmother – Honor Dunn or Coosie, taught her to read the Tarot. Esmond Sowter gave Miranda his own set of Runes and books of magic encouraging her in her early career as a Fortune Teller.

Honor Luxmoore – Miranda’s paternal grandmother

Miranda studied and practised Reading Palms and Tarot throughout her teens. In her twenties Miranda read Palms and Tarot at Fayres and Charitable Events and at Folk Festivals like Sidmouth Folk Festiva;l and at Covent Garden Market; and Broadstairs Folk Festival. In her youth Miranda regularly came back to Thanet once a year to read Fortunes at Addington Street Festival.

Miranda pursued a Career in Acting training in Mime in Paris with Marcel Marceau and in London and Yorkshire – at East 15 School of Acting. Wherever she went – people were amazed by her psychic gifts and her ability to help people because of useful messages; and the insights Miranda was able to give them from Spirit.

Miranda also knew she had the gift because she often had vivid dreams about events such as the Zebrugge Ferry Disaster with the Herald of Free Enterprise; which Miranda had graphic visions of in her sleep before it was reported on the News.

Miranda also had graphic visions before the death of Lady Diana and before 911; which lead her to work as a Green Activist with the Green Party and GreenPeace and within the Peace Movement for many years as a result of these premonitions about the state of the Planet and war atrocities.

Producer Miranda with the cast of “The Diana Dors Show”

Miranda studied the Kabbalah in Hampstead: as well as becoming a Student of Mervyn Brady and a member of his Academy. Miranda’s study of NLP started much earlier when she was 19. Miranda Traveled to San Francisco for a short time in 1981 when she met Donald Land Wilson – Parapsychologist and Doctor and Author of “Total Mind Power”. Miranda combined her study of Magic and the Kabbalah with her understanding of Palmistry and the nature and character of the Planets and their effect upon the Human Body and the formation of Character and Personality and the nature of Spiritual Essence.

Miranda was also amazed by her ability to make things happen with her mind and studied Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualisation …long before these techniques hit the mainstream; with the publication of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Miranda loves “The Law of Attraction” which she continues to study but she is also extremely cautious of what she asks for. Miranda will help you to enhance your life but urges you to be careful. Miranda loves the Polish Saying: “Take what you want said God, and Pay for it.”

Miranda dedicated herself to become a Sole Trader and Full Time Professional Fortune Teller in 2011; before then Miranda just used her gift as a form of entertainment; and a means of helping friends and as a supplementary source of income. Miranda then combined her knowledge of the Chakras, her understanding of the Kabbalah; and the teachings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Mervyn Brady to help her Clients with their Careers and Personal Lives. Miranda also trained in Counselling Skills at Thanet College to help her understand People and to Communicate more effectively.

Fortune Telling is a creative art which works with language. Language or NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is the main Form of Magic. Miranda works very carefully with her clients – making sure that she helps them to build their own Souls and to be more intentional and responsible for their lives. Miranda does her best to help her Clients connect with their true essence; and to attract lives which are fulfilling and connected to their best growth and fullest destiny. Miranda works with Angels, Spirit and Goddesses and Archetypes and Guides to help her Clients learn to be true to themselves and connect to their highest good. And she does her best to keep to the highest Law of Fortune Telling and Magic – Do None Harm. Miranda works with her clients to help them work with their own higher power to achieve their highest potential.

A Fortune Reading with Miranda is a Creative Artistic Experience in which you are Pro-Active. Miranda is a Shaman and helps you to connect with your Vision for Your Future and Connect with your Dreams…. the rest is up to you. As Miranda will tell you herself

”The Point of Power is always in the …Now…”

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