Today’s Runes:

Light is shining on new activites in your life. Hold on to ‘hope’

The Runes – the Viking Alphabet – are a tree alphabet. They can be used to spell words- even ‘modern’ names but their main use is for ‘magic’.’ Magic aligning yourself with the natural or supernatural world for the purpose of bending it to your will – not necessarily recommended – or aligning yourself with the magical powers of the runes and nature to experience a broader vision more in tune with the Spirit of the Universe to find guidance.In ‘The White Goddess’ – the Poet Robert Graves describes a poetic work called: “The battle of the Trees” The book ‘The White Goddess” describes the importance of “The battle of the Trees” and the Bardic tradition. The Hero of the book is Taliesin.. in Marion Bradley’s ‘The Mists of Avalon’ Taliesin is The Merlin.It is is Wodin in the Norse Myth who hands upside down on the Yydrassil- the World Tree to make a sacrificial shaman journey which yields to him the vision of the Runes. Hanging upside down on the magical World Tree Wodin is given the Magical Runes – magical tree alphabet symbols in a vision.Graves explains in the White Goddess that the Goddess – will find the Poet or Seeker and take him or her on a magical journey of ‘enlightenment’ leading the student on … with visions and synchronicities…I use my Great Uncle Esmond Sowter’s Runes.I will talk more of the magic of the runes and vision quests and the secrets of Celtic Magic another day.

Let me end todays musings with the Sufis Saying:When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

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